Saturday, July 25, 2009

You were asking for it, missy.

It was really hot out today, so I had an iced coffee this afternoon. At about 3. Which was really fucking dumb of me because HELLO? I AM WIDE AWAKE STILL.


I don't really want to liveblog my insomnia again just yet. It's time to give that dead horse some rest before I start beating on it again. So I shall give you a brief rundown of my vacation.

My birthday was on Monday. It was the most lovely day. I woke up in the morning to messages from all my lovely internet friends and all my lovely real life friends. They kept pouring in all day and I was just delighted. You lot sure know how to make a girl feel special. I ate lots of yummy sushi with my Mom and sister and hung out with my dog. Awesome. I spent the next day shopping and hanging out with my Mom and sister again, because they are awesome.

Wednesday I spent the day at the swimmin' hole with my sister. We found the best secret swimming spot EVER. It was so rad that we actually went there twice in one day. i already want to go back. It was like I was a kid again. Swimming is the best.

Yesterday and today were all housey things and shopping things. Good times.

I was initially pretty upset about not being able to go anywhere on vacation this time around, but I've had a truly lovely week. Staycations aren't so bad after all, yo.

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