Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Would you put your brain in a robot body?

I think I would. I mean, think about it. You could still do all the stuff you like doing, but you would never have to stop for bathroom breaks. And you would probably never have to worry about getting dressed ever again. It would be like walking around in the nude all the time, but way less controversial because you would have nothing but robot-y things to see on your body. That would be kind of cool.

If you ever had anything wrong with you, it would be way easier to fix than a human body. You would be like, "Ow, my knee hurts." and then you would just go to Home Depot. You would never forget to eat, because you would never need to remember. Your video game machines would never act like jerks to you ever again, because you would be one of them. You would never need to type ever again, because you could just use your human brain to think things and it would go straight to the computer in your robot body. If you wanted to print them out, you would just think, "Print that out!" and then it would come shooting out of the printer in your robot belly button.

It doesn't sound so bad to me.

Oh, wait. If I had a robot body I couldn't drink beer, because it would short circuit me.

Fuck that noise. HUMAN BODY FTW.

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brie said...

I think that hugging a robot or two robots hugging would be noisy and uncomfortable. I vote NO on brain in robot.