Tuesday, November 24, 2009


FACT: Competition chili has NO BEANS in it.

Beans qualify as filler, and there must be NO FILLER in competition chili.

I discovered this today, at a chili lunch fundraiser thingy at work. It was weird, because I had never encountered chili without beans before. In fact, when I make chili, I put TWO kinds of beans in it. So, if there are no beans in competition chili, what is in there?

Meat. 7 different kinds of meat. Also, some onions and like, red peppers or something. But mainly meat.

In a related story, I think I'm dying. From too much meat. Ohhhhhhhhhh.


Mighty Hunter said...

Seriously. Is that a thing? Dying from too much meat? I hope not. Because I might DIE TRYING.

jeremy said...

Some competition chilis actually thicken their conconctions with refried beans - which becomes a paste in the meat mix....

I guess since the finished chili doesn't actually SHOW any beans - they're legal!

....huh...now I want Chili.