Friday, February 19, 2010

My brain is a strange and wonderful place.

My brain is a strange and wonderful place. Yesterday afternoon, for no reason at all, a word popped into my brain and I could not get it out. That word was yurt. Over and over again, I repeated that word. Yurt. Yurt. Yurt. I finally decided that it was the best word ever. I also decided that I would like to stay in a yurt one day. Yurts are awesome.

Today there is a song in my head:

I like to eat, eat, eat ohpples and banonos!

Not sure why, but ohpples and banonos is my favourite one. I like it even more than ooooples and banooonooos.

What was I talking about? Lunch? Nevermind.

1 comment:

brie said...

I have a friend who was contemplating yurt life. It's kind of like thug life, but with more dirt.