Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I had a mega super craving for a burger and milkshake today, so I decided to treat myself to a take out lunch from White Spot. (What? It's the closest place to my house!) I got the same thing I normally get, which is a combo. Normally, I'd eat the whole darn thing. But today I barely managed to finish the burger before I was totally full. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????

I think I have inadvertently taught myself about portion control, via having the worst eating habits ever in time. You see, when I get stressed out, I tend to forget to eat. I also tend to develop a nervous stomach. So I average about one meal a day, and when I eat that one meal a day, I don't eat much. Just because I'm not that hungry. But I've been finding that since I've gotten better (meaning SINCE I'VE GOTTEN SOME DAMN SLEEP) when I get hungry, I need to eat way less in order to feel full. I've actually lost about 8 pounds in two weeks because of it. 8 pounds!!

Ummm... high fives for anxiety? Ha!


Mark said...

This is hilarious. Your latest two tweets are, likewise, thesaurus-word-hilarious.
By the way, I'm only on my computer tonight because I stopped home for a minute to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, my night is completely booked, as you no doubt expected.
As for you, good luck giving it away tonight.

littlerayofsunshine said...

It's sunny now. Maybe I'll go. To that thing I said I'd go to. But don't really feel like.