Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer. It's kind of difficult.

I have mixed feelings about summer. I mean, I like the sunshine and all. But why does it have to be so damn HOT? Ugh. I am not lucky enough to be part of the percentage of the population who are in possession of those magical sweat glands that allow you to just walk around in moderate heat without melting into a puddle. No, I am a Sweaty Betty. I sweat all the damn time and it is NOT CUTE. My hair gets flat, my makeup melts off... it's just a bad scene, yo. I prefer cooler sunny days. The kind where you can get by with a light sweater and jeans.

In addition to being a sweaty mess, I am also terribly pale. My skin is pretty white, you guys. For someone like me, sunshine bespells doom. When I go outside, I prefer to be covered up. Pants, long sleeved sweater, light scarf. It protects me from the evils of UV rays and shit. But nooooo, when summer is here, I can't do that. It's just WAY too hot dress like that, so I have to wear summer clothes. Exposed shoulders! Bare legs! Trust me, that's not good for anyone. My legs are so white you can't look directly at them. This means I have to add another step to the process of getting ready, as I cover myself in SPF a million so I can go outside without burning my epidermis. It's kind of bullshit. I like it when I can just put it on my face (as I do every day) and cover the rest of me with clothing. It's just so much easier.

Summer is a lot of trouble, sometimes.

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