Monday, May 28, 2007

Old is the new new.

At Christmas dinner with my Dad's family when I was 16, my grandpa stood up to give a toast/blessing before we ate, which was weird because none of us bitches ever went to church. But I digress. ANYWAYS... so he started talking and whatever he was saying sounded like gibberish. Seriously not real words. Everyone was looking around at each other with confused expressions on their faces.

After dinner, I was talking to my Dad and I said, "Seriously, how drunk was he? All those nonsense words!" to which my Dad replied, "It was Gaelic, you idiot."

Apparently my Dad was the only one who knew that my grandpa knew a little bit of Gaelic. Weird, huh?

So ANYWAYS... yesterday I was listening to the Super Furry Animals who are cute and Welsh.(this song in particular) Suddenly I was struck by an interesting thought:

Really old languages from the UK region of the world are totally awesome!

I am totally going to try to learn how to speak Welsh, even though it is totally impractical because I don't know anyone else who speaks it. It's so going to happen.

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brie said...

Super Furry Animals are one of my favourite bands, Sarah. I love the Welsh accent! My grandpa's family is Welsh, but as far as I know they never spoke it.

Have you checked out 'mwng'? It's all in Welsh, as is Gruff Rhys's first solo record. Sigh. He's a dreamboat.