Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Stawamus Chief - aka the Assmaster 3000

So I totally hiked up the Chief in Squamish on Saturday and have been paying for it dearly ever since. It feels like my legs are on fire. Walking down the stairs has been a harsh task indeed. Kind of brutal.

I hobbled around work yesterday like a 100 year old lady, making lots of grimacy faces and saying things like "oooh!", "Ahh!", "arrrgh!" and variations on painful grunting noises. This whole thing has made me realize two things:

1) I am friggin OUT OF SHAPE, despite my best attempts at running on a regular basis.

2) I will not attempt to climb a mountain again without first consulting a little program I like to call, "Buns of Steel". Cause I'm pretty sure you need those in order to successfully climb a granite monolith and not feel like your legs are going to give out on you at any moment.

I have also come to another conclusion... those Von Trapp kids must have been friggin RIPPED muscle-wise. They hiked through the Alps! And they were only kids!

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