Monday, June 01, 2009

A refreshing change.

Upon my arrival at home from work, I stopped short before falling into my typical routine which is computer ON, television ON, brain OFF.

Instead, I wandered over to the giant stack of unread and half-read books on the floor beside my bed. I grabbed the top one and sat myself down in the giant armchair. Then I read. I read and read and read. Then I read some more. I finished the book.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have actually finished a book. Reading is something that used to be a huge part of my life, but in recent years I seem to have drifted from it. I'll start a book, get halfway through it, then abandon it for something new. The hours I used to spend reading have been replaced by sitting in front of a computer screen or a television. But no more.

I want to make this my summer of reading. I think my brain could use it. So could my soul. I'm going to get to work on the rest of the stack beside my bed. When I run out of things to read, I will come back and ask you for some suggestions. Or, feel free to offer some up now if you wish.



Mathilde said...

Yeah I do the same thing... go months without reading much, then actually close the computer and read three books in a row. What is it about the interwebs that makes them so darn addictive?

Anonymous said...

you read a whole book?! O_O
Thats crazyness...I've never read a whole book in one sitting before. I couldn't even sit still for that long!

vancityrockgirl said...

i'm sooo the opposite.
i can't stand to not finish a book.
i read very fast and finish almost every book i start in a single sitting. even if it means staying up until 4am to do it.
i actually just reread the entire harry potter series because i'm excited for the new movie. it took me a week to do all 7 books.
now i'm rereading some old anne rice books... blood and gold. vampire chronicles.

sarah said...

Nat, I used to be like that. When I was a kid, I spent all my money on books that I would be finished before I fell asleep that night. I'm trying to get back to that place!

vancityrockgirl said...

you can do it!
read something super lame like the twilight series. that'll make you burn through some books... and then you'll be in the mood for vampires, so i suggest checking out the "sookie sackhouse" series that the show "true blood" is based on. really enjoyable reads.