Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today felt like a lazy, tired kind of day. So I went for comfort. Cute comfort, I hope! Let's start from the top.

The shirt is from H&M. It's actually long enough to be a dress and you can wear it as such with some leggings. I'm not quite ready to wear that look out just yet. I'm a little shy about it being too tight.

The jeans are from Old Navy, purchased a couple of years ago. They were my first ever skinny jeans, which I never wore because I was worried I was too chunky to wear them. I rediscovered them this past fall and have worn the hell out of them since.

The shoes are my new metallic gold Birkenstocks. They have a cute little ankle strap that you can't see.

The scarf and necklace are both from H&M. I love the big chunky stones on the necklace. I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it. My sister gave me the scarf as a gift and it is AWESOME. From a distance it looks like a very pretty floral pattern, which it is, but there are actually little tiny pink skulls hidden amongst the flowers. I love it.


Unknown said...

I like that scarf as well. What did you wear today?

Anonymous said...

I have that necklace and love it as well! Cute outfit.