Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sucks to your assmar.

So I don't *actually* have asthma. Well, I don't think I do. I've never been diagnosed with it, but I have been treated for asthma-related symptoms. It sounds more complicated than it is. ANYWAYS, I don't actually have asthma. This is the point.

However, sometimes I get breathing problems when I exercise. Today I went for a run and it turned out to be a lot colder out than I had thought it was. When I was running it was okay. But now, it has been a few hours and I sort of feel like I have the beginnings of a chest cold. What the heck, man? It was just a little cold air. This always happens, which is why I stopped running in the first place. It's rather annoying. I'm not sick... my lungs just don't like all that cold air, I guess.


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