Monday, October 29, 2007

26 or 62? You be the judge.

If what they say is true about people becoming increasingly ornery as they age, then boy is my family in trouble as the years go on. I don't think I'm old enough to be this cantankerous.

Do you know anyone who irritates you SO MUCH that the mere sound of their voice is enough to cause you to tense up immediately? Maybe also causes your hands to form tight fists without you knowing it? I do.


Just this morning I heard said voice and my whole body tensed up. As I listened, my jaw started to hurt a little... BECAUSE I HAD BEEN CLENCHING MY TEETH REALLY HARD FOR 5 MINS WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING. Upon realising this, I looked up with mean squinty eyes and thought to myself, "I would rather listen to the Eagles sing Desperado for 3 hours straight than to hear you speak for 5 mins... and I really fucking hate when the Eagles sing Desperado."

AND considering that those jerks are putting out a new album, I don't see how my stress level could possibly go down any time soon. GAH!

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