Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lights! Camera! Spandex!

In the year 1990, I was but 9 years of age. That did not stop me from knowing the difference between awesome and lame. Had I ever seen this in 1990, I would have thought, "AWESOME!" and I would have been 100% correct.

I am fully aware that there is probably only one other person out there who will watch this and have the same kind of freak out that I just did when I saw it. (I think you know who you are!) If this doesn't fill you with glee, then I don't know WHAT will. It's just that fantastic.

The song! The dancing! The incredibly tight spandex unitard hotpants! Wow.

If anyone is ever up for a Erasure concert, you just let me know. I am SO there.

I think I need to track down an mp3 of this. The morning commute will become totally awesome.


brie said...

I am pretty sure that I have a 12" single of Erasure doing a different ABBA cover. Next Odd Ball I may just have to whip it out!

sarah said...

I have the one of "Take A Chance On Me"... which I also LOVE. This one is just extra hilarious and awesome though.

I knew you would appreciate it. Yay!