Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've made a huge mistake.

In anticipation of staying up late at Odd Ball I went ahead and drank 2 cups of coffee... way the heck after my self-imposed cut off time of noon. In fact, this was done at 5pm and 7pm. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

However, around 11:30pm it really seemed to be wearing off. Maybe the dancing had made me tired? My eyes were seriously starting to rebel against the contact lenses I was wearing, so I jumped ship early and headed home.

Now I'm sitting here, yawning my face off at 1:20am, yet I still can't manage to go to bed. But I'm really tired. I really should have known better than to caffeinate with such reckless abandon.

I've made a huge mistake.


brie said...

Sorry your contacts pooped out on you. Thanks so much for coming last night Sarah---I'm glad that we found each other because it was PACKED in there. And, girl, you looked HAWT.

sarah said...

Woo! Thanks. That costume cost me a whopping $7! Deal of the century, I tell you. I'll so be back next year!