Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Math!

Here is a little festive math lesson for you:

Christmas + presents(hilarious aunts and uncles) = GOOD TIMES


Work + week between Christmas and New Year's = TOTALLY LAME^2(!)

It's the truth.

How was your Christmas? Mine was good times. I got some new technology. Woot.


brie said...

For the first time since I can remember I took the entire week between Christmas and New Year's off. Money be damned. I needed the time. Not to rub it in, but it has been awesome!

My Christmas was shoe filled. Hurrah!

sarah said...

I would have rather had the time too! It just so happens that I work in the one department in this building that does NOT allow us to take ANY vacation time during the week of and the week before Christmas. LAME!