Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'll tumble for ya.

I have a question for you folks. Do you use Tumblr? I'm kind of intrigued by it. I think I want to try it, but I am nervous to do so. I fear that my brain might explode from having to come up with content for Twitter, my blog AND Tumblr. Do any of you have regular blogs and Tumblr? Are your brains all exploded? Leave a comment/email/or tweet me and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


vancityrockgirl said...

hmmm... never heard of it.
although, i don't barely use my twitter. i still think it's pointless and redundant to facebook.
i'd rather just use facebook.

sarah said...

I get a whole different experience from Twitter than I do from Facebook. Twitter connects me with new people, whereas Facebook is used only for keeping in touch with people I already know.

vancityrockgirl said...

i just "don't get" twitter.
all it is to me is facebook but only the status updates. which is kinda like the most annoying part of facebook anyways.

i think i might just be too old for twitter.
also, i don't really care about connecting with people that i don't actually know. i have a blog for that.