Thursday, May 07, 2009

The news.

Is this a thing: actual journalism.

What inspired this tweet was something I overheard on the news earlier today. I do believe it was something like this:

"In other news, American Idol rocked last night..."

The sad part is not that they wrote this and said this on air, but that they HAD TO. I hate that we live in a world where what happened on American Idol last night is news. Remember when you had to go specifically to entertainment based news shows/magazines to get this information? I liked it better that way.

This makes me so proud of that college diploma of mine. Hooray for the media! Ugh.


vancityrockgirl said...

i don't buy that they "had to".
you don't "have to" pander to the lowest common denominator... you choose to.
the news director chose to believe that was "news" or the pd or sales manager chose to accept an ad buy that includes news inclusions...
but somewhere along the line, someone made a decision to consider a reality tv show as a news story.
and that person should be fired.
the only way things like this will change is if the people in the right places start demanding better from their "news"
otherwise, we're all headed for Idiocracy. (please tell me you've seen idiocracy. it's brilliant)

sarah said...

I haven't seen Idiocracy, but I will check it out.

In a perfect world, news would be about news. But it's not perfect, so news is about money.

In my mind, anyone who really cares about what happened on American Idol is not going to tune in to the news to figure it out. So why do they keep talking to these people?

Sometimes I wish I could unlearn everything I know about the media, just because I would be less disappointed in it every day. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You clearly do not understand the importance of the newscasting priority list we have today, dude.

Where we would all have been without the constant coverage of Anna Nicole Smith or Brittney Spears, I ask you?

I submit we would be nowhere. No. Where.

I think if the news were on, oh, say maybe an hour or two a day instead of twenty-four, life would be better for everyone.