Monday, November 20, 2006


So for the past week I have totally been a Sneezy Sneezerson and I can't figure out why. At first I blamed it on the dang cats, but then I was sneezing like crazy at work and we totally don't have any cats at work. So that is probably not the reason. Then I thought that maybe I am actually getting sick... but it hasn't really progressed beyond all the sneezing. So basically, I am very confused as to why I am sneezing so dang much.

This morning I developed a new theory, though. I think that maybe I am allergic to myself. It makes perfect sense! Everywhere I go I am sneezing... and I am everywhere I go! It is the only possible explanation. (Besides maybe DUST which I am also allergic to... and then again maybe I am actually fighting off a cold.) But really... WHO KNOWS???? Not me.

I seriously feel like ass. I want to sleep more. It would be 100% wicked awesome if I were at home in bed right now. But I am not... because there is work to be done. Which I must go and continue to do. I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE A BREAK EVERY NOW AND THEN. So you can just relax there, Judgy Judgerson.

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