Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm sorry I missed you, Bobby.

Last night I got to watch the premiere screening of Bobby. I was pretty excited about it, mostly because of the Emilio Estevez factor. Whenever I think of Emilio, I immediately think of The Mighty Ducks. I can't help it. That's just the kind of thing that sticks with you, you know? So ANYWAYS, I was very excited about the movie. It turns out that I had good reason to be so excited. It was really great. I mean it... really, really great.

The thing about this movie that really blew my mind is that despite being set in 1968, he managed to create a reflection of today's political landscape, and that really freaked me out. To think that it is 2006, and we are basically in the exact same situation as we were back then is kind of terrifying to me. Watching the archival footage of Bobby Kennedy's speeches got me very emotional... I almost cried, because the whole time I was thinking, "Holy shit, we need this guy right now." We really do. I mean, there was a scene where he was talking to school children about pollution and how we have to start protecting the environment. THIS WAS IN 1968. 1968!!!!! I was amazed to see that this guy had such foresight... how different would things have turned out if he had become president? It truly amazed me.

We need a new Bobby Kennedy. I hope we find one. (ARE YOU LISTENING, BARACK OBAMA?? If you are, I totally love you in the high school crush kind of way.)

So yeah. Go see this movie. If it almost made me cry, you know it's good. (NOTE: I don't think I have cried since the late 90's, due to being "dead inside".)

PS: It should also be noted that in the car on the way home I suddenly shrieked when I realised something: "OH MY GOD! JOSHUA JACKSON WAS TOTALLY IN THE MIGHTY DUCKS WITH EMILIO ESTEVEZ!!! THAT IS TOTALLY WHY HE WAS IN THIS MOVIE!!! AMAZING."

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