Friday, November 10, 2006

I hate you and I'm sorry.

Last night Craig, Mary and I were having a conversation about something and I suddenly realised how often I say the word hate. Craig never ever says it... yet it is my standard reply to people when they make me mad. In fact, I just said it 3 times to someone at work in about 2 minutes. I remember when I was little, everytime I said it my dad would say, "Now Sarah, hate is a really strong word..." and then I would usually reply with "Good, cause I meant it!" It's kind of like it has lost all meaning to me. How odd.

Then we started talking about when our parents would make us apologize to our siblings after we fought. Whilst Craig probably gave polite, sincere apologies to his sister, the best mine ever got out of me was "I'm sorry. I'M SORRY YOU'RE SUCH A JERK!" Indeed, I was a lovely child.

So basically, I guess the point is that if I have told you that I hate you I probably didn't mean it. But I probably won't ever apologize for it either. But don't worry, buttercup. We are still friends. I love you guys!

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