Sunday, April 20, 2008

Born to

To give you an idea of how the Sun Run went today, I will share with you what my horoscope said today (though I didn't read it before I left, so this is funny):

Dear Sarah,
Here is your horoscope for Sunday, April 20:

You need to slow down and let your instinct guide you more than ever. They aren't infallible, of course, but they should steer you clear of one or two sketchy situations that won't work out.

Ummmm... YEAH. Translated literally, that means, "When you feel that sharp pain in your side and if feels like you are being stabbed in the abdomen, stop and walk for little while." Which is pretty much how THAT went. But this is what I expected, since I did so little training. But I finished it, and managed to run more than half of the race! Woohoo!

Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd now I hurt. Man is that Robaxacet going to feel good later.


Anonymous said...

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sarah said...

It's nice to know that SPAM likes me as much as I like SPAM.