Monday, April 14, 2008

Look out, world!

Everything is about to change. EVERYTHING. And all because of one truly excellent decision I made yesterday in the midst of a fit of excitement.

Remember how a really long time ago I wrote about my deep desire to own a pair of Chanel glasses?


That's right. I did it. Yesterday, upon learning that my ever so stylish lil' sister had thrown down $400 for a pair of Dior glasses, I decided it was my time. After searching all over Metrotown and trying on a million pairs I finally found them. I found the glasses that will change my life.

Well, hello there. Aren't you fabulous!

I'm going to pick them up sometime this week. I can't WAIT! I will probably get a promotion right after I walk in the door wearing these lovelies. How could I not? I will look so official and powerful. It is going to be awesome.

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