Friday, April 18, 2008

It's the freakin' weekend, baby... meh.

So you know how most of the time when Friday comes along you are all, "Wooooo! It's Friday! Woooo! It's the weekend!"? Today I am not like that. The thought of what is due to happen upon me finishing work today is making me feel ill. And I mean ill as in sick... and I mean sick as in the throw up way, not the "Dude, that's sick!" way.

The Sun Run is on Sunday... and I am completely not enthused about it. It is like I held a brainstorming session about what I could subject myself to that would make me feel completely miserable... and this was the big winner. BARF. I am going for a training run in about 30 mins with some ladies from work... and while I enjoy their company greatly, I do not enjoy this running business anymore. NOT. AT. ALL.

Ugh. I do enjoy the fact that upon reaching 4:30pm this afternoon it means I do not have to work for the next 2 days... but overall I am still not looking forward to it. Allow me to use a metaphor to further illustrate this point:

It is like someone just gave me $20 for no reason, and I'm all "SWEEEET!"... and then they hit me in the face with a giant piece of lumber and now I'm all "Well, THAT sucked."

Yes. It is just like that.


It was not so bad running after work. It was kind of nice. I am a big baby. Also, I just looked out my window and there is some major blizzard action going on out there. WTF? This shit is crazy! Only David Suzuki can save us now...

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