Monday, July 14, 2008

He gets it from me.

I always look forward to seeing my nephew, Gavin because he's so awesome. He's only 5, but I can tell that he is going to be the kind of person I'd like to hang out with when he's a grown up. He's super creative (like me!), never shuts up (like me!), is always coming up strange ideas (like me!) and always says the most hilarious things. (LIKE ME! Right, guys?)

Take last night at dinner, for example. He was helping my sister and I set the table and he kept trying to take more things out of the fridge to stick on the table. He grabbed a gar of pickles and said to me, "Whoa. Auntie Sarah. We gotta have pickles on the table. People will want them. Trust me." So I let him put the pickles on the table. Half an hour later when he was eating his dinner, he turns around and says he has to tell us all something. "Okay, just so you know... when everyone is all done eating their dinner then we can put our plates away and THEN... it will be PICKLE TIME!" Please note that "pickle time" was said with jazz hands for emphasis.

Then there was the matter of hopscotch. We used sidewalk chalk to draw it on the patio. He was looking for the chalk but couldn't remember what it was called.

G: "Where is the hopscotch?"
Me: "It's right there, DUH. On the ground. Where we drew it."
G: "Noooooo. Not that. I need that stuff."
Me: "I don't know what you are talking about."
G: "Ummm... where's the hop... WHERE IS THE SCOTCH?"
Grandpa (my dad): "Gah! I'm fresh out! All I have is whiskey."

THEN... he was actually playing hopscotch when he threw a suspicious looking rock. I mentioned to my mom about how it didn't LOOK like a rock... was that... is it... OMG, IT IS! Yep. He was playing hopscotch using a dried up dog turd. And then he screamed. And we all laughed our faces off.

Oh, how I enjoy children that do not belong to me.

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