Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sorry... what?

Here I am. On what is now day 9 of the not sleeping enough party that I have been invited to! Yayyyyyy!

I'm so seriously out of it today. Everything takes me 14 million times longer to do because I'm so slow.

I have no idea how much sleep I am actually getting... all I know is that I end up waking up a LOT during the course of the night and when I do sleep, I do so lightly. It is kind of bullshit.

Tonight, I'm bringing melatonin to the party. It better friggin work. I can't take much more of this. I'm like a zombie. But I eat chicken and tofu instead of your brains. Yum.


brie said...

I was invited to that same party! But mine sometimes includes the fire alarm in my building going off for no reason in the night and further disrupting an already restless "sleep." BURN!

sarah said...

Does that happen all the time in apartments? I saw like, 4 people with that same thing on their Facebook status!

brie said...

I think it's the heat. It happened a lot last summer and then a few times this year when it's been hot. It's really, really, REALLY annoying! I'm pretty sure it's the heat sensors in apartment alarm systems.