Saturday, July 05, 2008

This is how I deal with my rage.

In the past week, I have watched two shows that pay homage to one of the best scenes in the history of film: Kevin Bacon's Dance of Rage from Footloose.

Oh, you think it's lame and ineffective, but it is the very best method of dealing with your anger. Trust me on this one. If it didn't work, would it have made an appearance in Flight of the Conchords?

So full of rage! But not after the dancing is over.

One thing to keep in mind when practicing this method, is that you are not limited to dancing out your rage in an abandoned factory or warehouse. There is no reason you can't take that shit outside to a wooded area and work it out.

So go ahead kids. Dance it out. Just try not to get hurt. Maybe try to stay away from slopes, and you should be fine.


Erin Riley said...

I wanted to add a clip of Emilio Estevez punching/dancing in The Breakfast Club, but I can't find it. It also awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I just watched that episode of flight of the concords today! Awesome!!!!!