Sunday, July 27, 2008

Note to self.

Being that I am a heathen, it probably would have helped to have perused the bible before going to see Jesus Christ Superstar. I still have no idea who the rich guy in the shiny suit was.

Wikipedia to the rescue!


brie said...

Sean HATES CBC Radio. Whereas, I often enjoy it. If it's on in the car when I pick him up---even if it's barely audible---he let's loose a huge groan and says "Don't you have anything else to listen to...gaaaawwwwwd!"

sarah said...

Lydia was listening to some wierd thing last night while I was watching Mad Man with my headphones. When I took them off and heard it I was all, "What the crap is going on over there????" Sometimes I like it... but most of the time I'd rather listen to the random assortment of music on regular radio instead of pretentious chatter. (OH BURRRRN!)

Lydia said...

It was a musical about a woman who is only happy doing dishes and no, I didn't like it, and yes, that was Laurie Smith's show and she IS totally pretentious. Stephen told me once about some stupid thing she said when she played his band, and he hated it.