Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh, hey. Nice to meet you, dude who totally was part of a thing that changed my life.

This morning when I was sitting in front of the mirror wearing a towel and putting on my makeup, Nirvana came on the radio. It was "All Apologies". I paused for a moment and listened. I looked in the mirror and laughed at how some things never change. I had totally had the exact same moment when I was 13, in my room at my parents' house.

I would shut myself up in my room for hours, cycling through all the albums and starting over again when I got to the end of Unplugged. This music was my adolescent experience. I was angsty. It was angsty. It made me feel normal. It meant the world to me.

Which is why I FREAKED OUT when I turned around this morning to see Krist Novoselic standing behind me.

"HOLY SHIT. He's right there. Holy shit. What do I do? I'm too scared to move. I'm going to cry. HOLY SHIT."

The next thing I know, I'm standing in front of him. Wow, he's tall. He's 6'8. I'm 5'6. This could not possibly look more comical. He looks at me and smiles. He leans forward so he's not so far up, and grabs my hand to shake it. His hand is giant. It is also very soft. He has a firm handshake.

"Hi, I'm Krist. What's your name?"
"Hi. I'm Sarah."
"Sarah? It's so nice to meet you, Sarah."
"It's great to meet you too."

Then the inner dialogue kicks in. Ohmygoddoyouknowwhoyouare? You were in Nirvana. YOU WERE IN NIRVANA. I was in love with you when I was 13. Is there a non-creepy way for me to tell you that your music changed my life? No. No there's not. HOLY SHIT YOU WERE IN NIRVANA. Wow, you are seriously tall. And so nice. You are seriously nice. I want to be your friend. GOD DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD.

We pose for a photo. He is standing right behind me. I'm a midget. DID HE JUST TOUCH ME AGAIN? I'm going to cry. This is awesome. Is this really happening?

We all say thank you. He thanks us.

"Thanks, you guys. It was really wonderful to meet you all."

HE was glad to have met ME.

I walk around the corner. When I know he can't see or hear me anymore I have my 13 year old freak out.


Best. Day. Ever.


brie said...

Amazing! Oh, Sarah, you are wonderful! This is one of the BEST BLOG POSTS EVAR!

sarah said...

Thanks, Brie! I'm still a little giddy about it.

Lydia said...

This is a high quality post. I would like to star it.