Thursday, December 21, 2006

City busses, city busses, dressed in holiday style...

I worked late today in preparation for the hurricane of CRAP that is bound to hit my work email inbox tomorrow morning. So, when I was waiting for the bus on the way home it was cold and dark. When I saw the bus coming after only waiting for about 8 mins I was super excited. Then I got on the bus. This is where things really got exciting.

The bus driver was this cheerful man in his 50's, who was wearing a magical santa hat with flashing LED lights and holiday pins all over it. He seemed pretty into this whole Christmas thing. But that was not the best part. This funny little man had taken the time to decorate the inside of the bus!!! All along the front windows he had placed sparkly garland and FRESH ACTUAL TREE GARLAND.

Now, I'm not big into this "being festive" business, but I totally dug the Christmas bus. Perhaps it was the sheer volume of Christmas spirit this man posessed and I got zapped by it... but it was probably because the whole bus smelled like yummy fresh Christmas trees as opposed to the "my brother's feet" smell I am usually greeted with. Who knows.

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