Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's all over now, Baby Blue.

So that's it, kids. Christmas is over for another year. It was pretty okay. What was not pretty okay was getting up to go to work this morning. I was really not pleased about it. Not at all. But when I got on the empty bus (with the nerdily adorable bus driver) and sat down at a window seat and realised that wearing my new coat felt like wearing a fluffy duvet, I was alright with the situation.

Now I am at work and it is kind of relaxing because there is no one here. I am not allowed to take time off at Christmas, but EVERYONE ELSE IS. It is way better this way. It is kind of like being on vacation, except that you aren't at home and you are doing some work, but not enough to make you feel cruddy about things. Plus, I'm pretty sure most of the people that are actually here right now are going to cut out early because they can. It is like an office full of the kids that always sit at the back of the class and just walk out right in the middle of the lesson because we are badasses. I plan to finish out the week with a little hard work, heavy on the heckling people and lots of chillin with my homies. WOOT.

It's not so bad, I guess.

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