Friday, August 10, 2007

How to have an awesome Friday afternoon.

Step 1: Leave work early.

Step 2: Pick up the following items on the way home:
- chicken burrito
- crazy new flavor of Fanta

Step 3: Arrive at home and turn on the tv.

Step 4: Eat the burrito/Fanta lunch of amazingness whilst watching the end of The Rockford Files.

Step 5: Laugh hysterically when at the end, Rockford thinks everything has worked out fine... but then he makes a hilarious face when he gets a harsh DISS after all.

Step 6: Watch Magnum PI!!!!!!!

That's as far as I have gotten so far... but frig, it has been totally awesome.


brie said...

I didn't even know we had Fanta in Canada---I thought it was a UK thing.

Sean owns some of the seasons of The Rockford Files on DVD. He is hardcore.

sarah said...

Indeed Fanta does exist! I found it at the convenience store on Broadway and Cambie... which also has a full on Baskin Robbins in it!

The Rockford Files on DVD??? That's amazing! You guys have all the cool stuff! I bet your house is full of everything I wish I had.