Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang!

If you had asked me about Kensington Park 5 mins ago, I would have told you that it was home to a really lame community centre with a crappy gym and a crappy pool. If you asked me about Kensington Park NOW, I would say pretty much exactly the same thing except with one extra part added: awesome place to watch the fireworks!

A few months ago some random chatty guy at the bus stop told Lydia that you could see the fireworks from there. Tonight when I heart the thunderous explosions start, I hopped in the car to check it out. The streets around the park were lined with cars and the park was full of people! Not English Bay or Vanier full by any means, but there were a hell of a lot more people there than you would normally find. When you get to the top part of the hill where the baseball diamonds are, you can totally see the fireworks! Obviously not the low ones, but pretty much everything else. I didn't bother to get out of the car and stop to watch the whole thing because I was all by myself, but it seems like a pretty good place to go if you want to see the light show and avoid the masses. I would suggest taking a little radio with you to hear the music.

I guess my neighborhood does have something going for it after all. Too bad I didn't think of that LAST Wednesday! Oy.

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brie said...

I'm playing softball there tonight from 6:45 onwards...You know, 'cos there are other cool things to do in Kensington Park.

I like playing there because the view of the mountains is so nice.