Friday, August 03, 2007

There will be no sausage parties here, thank you.

First off, let me say that miss Mary deserves mad props for the awesome massage she gave me yesterday! I'm on the road to recovery... which involves lots of stretching and trying not to carry my entire life around in my purse. Woot.

And now, I present to you a snippet of a conversation we had at dinner last night:

Craig: "I hate hanging around with other GUYS."
Me: "Ummm... does this mean you think Dave is a woman? Because... BWAHAHAHA!"
Craig: "NO. You know what I mean. Like in groups."
Mary: "Why do you hate it?"
Craig: "It just makes me so mad. They just always want to talk about sports!"
Me: "And you just want to talk about nerd stuff like computers and science!"
Craig: "Yeah! I need conversations. I can't have a serious political discussion with a FRAT BOY."
Mary: "That's funny. They would all be sitting around talking saying things like 'Hey man, did you see the game last night?' and Craig would be all, 'No, but I'm reading books about robots!'"
Sarah: "Dude. It's so true. He's such a nerd!"
Mary: "Oh Craig, my little nerd. Always talking about science... but that's why I like you!"
Craig: "Errrm... thanks?"
Sarah:" Man, nerds are the best!"

Viva la nerd!

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