Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Correction: 9021-OH YEAH!

Ummmm... was it just me or was it kind of awesome? About 2 mins into the show my sister sent me a text message that read:

"Zuckerman? Haha!"

To which I later replied with:

"Ha! Stupid Nat can't make the new kind of coffee!"

I knew it was going to be awesome as soon as Lucille Bluth came stumbling out of the mansion as the drunk grandma.

Excellent. Just Excellent.


Anonymous said...

damn it!
my husband won't let me watch it.
he doesn't understand my love of it as a youth.

but i pretty much lost my shit when everyone was talking about it today and i found out lucille bluth was in it. that's fucking brilliant.

sarah said...

Gah! You've got to find some way to trick him into letting you watch it! Soon we will find out who is the father of Kelly's 4 year old kid! (I bet it's Dylan. Which is awesome.)

Anonymous said...

i kind of have to agree. i liked it!

Anonymous said...

love it! That's all I can say.