Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Take it easy.

For someone who can be considered to be a bit of a music nerd, it is embarrassing for me to admit how badly organized my collection is at the moment. My Cd's have migrated to places all over my room and are no longer in alphabetical order. My mp3's are no better. I still have a bunch of shitty quality files that I never bothered to re-download or delete, mislabeled files and have incomplete information! It's all just because I'm lazy.

As a result of the mp3 related laziness, some pretty stupid files have made their way onto my iPod. Every time one of them pops up I think to myself, "Gah! DELETE!" and then I promptly forget to do it. I've also not bothered to transfer all my Cd's over to my computer either. It's all just a big ol' mess. Which is why, on mornings when I am on my way to work, it is so completely amazing for the shuffle mode to not pick up any of the files that irritate me so! It was nothing but AWESOME all the way to work. It made me so happy.

Here are some of the highlights:

The last one is especially rad. I find it very hard not to dance to that one. (Note the video, featuring my wicked hot boyfriend, Ed O'Brien. YEOW!)

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