Monday, November 10, 2008

I could fall over at any moment, really.

Guess where I went today? To see the doctor! I KNOW, RIGHT??? It's so crazy. I never go there. So you know if I am willing to make a trip to see one, it is for a good reason.

For the past 2 days my ears have been wonky. They are all plugged up and I can't hear very well. BOOOOOOOOOOO! As it turns out, I totally have swollen eustachian tubes and a mild ear infection. Awesome, hey? Wooooooooo!

It sounds and feels like my head is underwater. It's pretty uncomfortable. Here's hoping it goes away soon.

The only good part about it is that I totally made the doctor laugh. I have this thing about doctors... when I am at the doctor I just HAVE to try to make them laugh. I just feel as though making a doctor laugh is a true test of my comedic abilities. Proving to myself that I am still CRAZY HILARIOUS makes being sick a little more bearable.

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