Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The long walk home.

The day after Obama won, allib twittered the following:

"Made a little pact w/ myself: if Obama won, I'd do 100 days in a row of yoga. (If McCain won, it was going to be something far different.) "

Upon reading that, I was kind of inspired. So I decided to walk halfway home from work that day. And the next day. And the next. (I only walk halfway home because it is always raining. And I have been carrying groceries like 3 of those times.) So ANYWAYS, what I am saying is that every day since Nov 5th, I have walked more than I normally would have otherwise. Just because watching Obama win was so inspiring and seeing him makes me want to be a better person, be that physically, emotionally or spiritually. So for now, I walk. I'm thinking eventually yoga will be added in. Perhaps followed by being nice to people every once in awhile.

Normally when I walk home (or take the bus, for that matter) I have my iPod on. However, due to my current ear issues I haven't been able to use my headphones. So instead of listening to music, I think about strange and exciting things. I dream up stories that I promptly forget about upon my arrival at home. But today, I didn't make up stories. Today, I tackled the issues.

I was reading this thing about how the new Jennifer Aniston Vogue cover is practically THE SAME as the last Angelina Jolie Vogue cover. CONTROVERSIAL! It got me to thinking... in the Jen vs Angie battle, who is winning?

Let's see.

Angie gets Brad. Jen gets John Mayer and whoever is hanging around the pool that day. 1 POINT JOLIE.

Angie has like 20 kids and travels the world to hang out with poor people. Jen has no kids and therefore gets to do whatever the heck she wants. 1 POINT ANISTON.

Everyone knows that Angie at more than one point in her life has been a total friggin whackjob. Jen is just so lovely and normal. 1 POINT ANISTON.

Ummm... Angie is a homewrecker? 1 POINT ANISTON.

So yeah. I'm calling this one for Aniston. Mostly because I feel the Jolie-Pitts are too showboaty. I mean, really. It IS possible to be good looking, happy and successful without always frigging TALKING ABOUT IT.

So I guess this is what happens when you get inspired by Barack Obama and then get an ear infection. Awesome, huh?

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