Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm even socially awkward in my dreams.

Right before I woke up this morning I had a funny dream. The reason it was so funny is because it is entirely possible that it could happen in real life... and if it ever DID happen in real life it would probably play out exactly the same way. Because I apparently don't know how to talk to people. HAHA AWESOME!

In my dream, I was in this weird corner store on Main Street. (Oddly specific... I know.) I looked up and saw someone who looked really familiar to me. After staring at said individual for a bit I finally figured out who it was. It was a person that I had not actually met before, but had seen pictures and know from a mutual friend and Internet contact. The person then looked over and saw me. There was this weird "Hey, do I know you?" moment. So I decided to say something.

"Hey, are you ____?"

"Yeah... wait. Are you Sarah?"

"Yeah. Isn't this weird? Cause we've never actually met before. But it feels like maybe we have?"

"It is weird. How's it going?"

"Ummmm... good. You?"

"Good. Yeah..."


*awkward silence*

"Well, ummm... it was nice to finally meet you. But, I've gotta get going. See you around! Say hi to ____ for me."

"Yeah, I will. Bye!"

Then I walked out of the store feeling like I was about to have a heart attack and feeling sure that this person was going to be all, "Oh, I met Sarah. She's SO WEIRD." And then I would have a lot of work ahead of me to prove that I am not a complete and total moron. Which would be really hard to prove, because I sort of AM a complete and total moron.

But if this ever were to actually happen, that is probably EXACTLY how it would play out. Because I have serious anxiety about situations like that. If I actually were to encounter this scenario, "hilarious and charming via the written word" me would high tail it out of there and would leave "nervous about unfamiliar social situations" me alone to fend for myself. Yay!

I am now really freaked out that this could really happen. I would much prefer to meet this person via proper introduction, because I would be far less likely to make a complete ass of myself if the friend is there as the buffer.

And just for fun... can anybody guess who this mystery person is?


Anonymous said...

Hello sister,
I think you are totally stressing about nothing. I don't know of anyone who thinks you are a moron. Maybe a little weird, but even the most normalish types are weird. The funny thing is what you think is an awkward situation is probably how most people would act. Stop freaking out about shit. You will give yourself a heart attack.

P.S. Dee Dee loves you.

sarah said...

One should note that when I see people that I know but am not super-familiar with when I am out in public, I will not say hello. Because of that exact same reason. I panic when I realize that I don't know what to say, so I say nothing. I'm so nice!

Anonymous said...
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