Friday, November 07, 2008

Like a bee, except I won't sting you. Stabbing is more likely.

Every once in awhile I will have a run of days where it seems like I have so much crap to do, and not enough time to do it. It's mostly when I have to be out and about during the week and therefore only spend time at home to sleep. You know, like wake up, go to work, go to stuff after work, come home, go to sleep, REPEAT. When that happens I get way whiny about it because this usually causes me to sleep less than I need to. I can be a bit of a whiner when I gets all sleepy-like.

So I'll be whining to myself about being SO TIRED and SO BUSY and SO GRUMPY and then I will remember something. I'll remember how I spent my first 3 years in college working 40 hours a week (at night and on weekends) while attending classes full time during the day. And I'll remember that in my 2 years of getting my diploma that I would often leave for school at 7am and would not get home until 11 or 12 at night. THAT was busy. I can't even imagine doing that shit now. That's probably because I'm old. When the fuck did THAT happen, yo?

Seriously. When did I get old? When did I start losing sleep because I was worried about the economy? When did I start using recipes? When did I stop being able to drink massive amounts of tequila without vomiting after?

Probably right around the time when I went for a jog and injured my hip. (True story. I think I was like, 24. I hobbled around for 2 days afterwards. It was embarrassing.) OH WELL.

Hey, if I leave work now I can still catch the early bird special...


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I will be living the work at night school in the day life for the next few years, and I wish I would have done it earlier. Now that I'm older, all this workload makes me miss my 4 o'clock dinners and Matlock episodes. Blast!

brie said...

Your tweets crack me up so hard. I'm so glad that my Google Reader FINALLY started updating them properly. It's like finding a loonie in your pocket. Actually, no, it's like finding a $5 bill!

sarah said...

Awwww, thanks Brie! For added hilarity, just imagine how hard *I* am laughing at my own jokes when I write them! (Not really joking. I do make myself laugh.)