Monday, February 20, 2006

Heritage Day is a load of crap.

I just remembered that for my mom, today is a paid holiday. Did you know that today is actually a holiday? It's called Heritage Day, and my mom just happens to work for the one company in this country that actually observes it.

I think I need to get into a union.

It would have been so handy to have Heritage Day off, since I'm SO EFFING TIRED!!!! Seriously. There is only so much staring one can do in a day!

I am supposed to go grocery shopping today after work. I don't want to. I am so tired. I think driving would be a bad idea. Cause if you happen to be walking along my intended route of travel, I might hit you. Unless you are carrying a giant cone flashlight. Then you will probably be alright.

I need to buy food... but I don't even care about eating at the moment. I'm all about the sleeping right now. I just closed my eyes for blinking purposes and I'm pretty sure there was a sleep moment. Dang. I still have like an hour and 15 mins before I get to go home.





I wonder if anyone would notice if I just took a little nap right now... under my desk.

I just stared at the screen for 3 mins without noticing. Sweet bearded Jesus, I need some sleep!

I heard the most amazing commercial today. It is for a place that sells animal feed for farms. It is a song about how awesome the store is, and it contains fabulous lyrics such as:

"... you make my animals soooooo happy"
"We cater to yur crrritters! Uh, that's right!"
"Food for every critter, such variety. Now all the critters are smiling at me."

It's like some sort of farmer rap. Way better than that Bubba Sparx fool. He really is a fool! Yee haw.

Time to look busy again. So much work (not) to do. I am (not) very busy. I must go now and (not) do more work. (NOTE: In the preceeding sentences, if you edit out the (not)s I appear to be really very busy.)

Good night!

Errrr... I mean... later!

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