Thursday, February 09, 2006

If I ever decide to get a mohawk, may it look as wicked awesome as Sly Stone's.

Seriously. It looked great! I loved it! Lydia says it looked like it was just glued on top of his head... which actually would be even BETTER! Hooray for geriatrics with mohawks!

Ummm... so right now I am sitting at my desk, being insanely jealous of Dave's mad storytelling skills. Though, to give myself credit, I DO have awesome stories... it's just that I didn't make them up. They REALLY happened. Let's see you write about swearing parrots, DAVE! You can't, because I already did. SO THERE!

This just in... apparently there is a street somewhere in Ontario called Butternut Lane. I think it sounds simply magical! Except for the fact that it is in Ontario. (OH BURN!!! That's right, I said it!)

What do you think is on Butternut Lane? Well... I imagine there is a candy shop where everything only costs a penny, but if you smile all pretty like then Old Man Simpson will give you extra candy for free... and then there is a soda shop where you can get cherry cola FOR REALS, YO! ... and of course, it is not called a "soda shop" but rather a "soda shoppe" because they like to kick it old school down on Butternut Lane. Butternut Lane sounds awesome, I want to live there! ...and I WOULD live there... if it weren't in Ontario! (OH BURN!!!)

I wonder if there is an abundant supply of squash if you live in the vicinity of Butternut Lane... cause that would really seal the deal for me. I would totally move to Ontario for an abundant supply of squash. I ate butternut squash themed lunches twice this week, PLUS a dinner! I love you, butternut squash.

Muahahaha! Now I've cornered the market for blogging about swearing parrots AND butternut squash! My evil plan is working...

Time to work, gotta go! Peace out.

PS: If you get a tea from Starbucks, did you know that you can get a VENTI for the same price as a GRANDE and a TALL? Anyone who does not get a venti tea is an idiot. It's totally more water. Silly fools.


Anonymous said...

There is also a street somewhere in Ontario called Butter and Egg Lane. Beat that. I'll even tell you where it is, since Ontario is a pretty large province. It's in Muskoka, which has lots more of charmingly named rural backroads. It's not that bad a province. Elliott Brood's from there, after all.

sarah said...

My dear Lydia, why are you always making awful puns without noticing?

"Butter and EGG Lane. BEAT THAT????"

Beat that... much like how you would beat an egg... perhaps with some butter or something. You are silly.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice that pun at all. It is pretty awful. I'm sooo sorry.

Dave said...

You may have butternut squash covered but I am totally owning eating raisin bran for dinner.
It is a rather crappy thing to own... Kind of like mediterranean avenue.
But I own it and I'm taking great pride in that.
I am also copyrighting "fuck you in your stupid face" presently because it is the best sentence ever uttered.