Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wow. This is really boring.

You can tell how bored I am by the number of times I post on here. Anything over once a day means I'm bored. You can also tell that I am bored because I have time to think about weird things like this:

Did you ever "notice" that when you "misuse" quotation marks that "everything" in the sentence becomes "really funny"? It totally changes the "meaning" of the words "you" use. I "think" it's pretty fun! Come on, try "it".

All I can say is that it's a good thing I'm not typing this in a word processing program, cause grammar-check would totally kick my "ass".

Speaking of word processing applications... I was sending an email which contained the name "Klosterman" (of course, referring to Chuck... who is my literary hero du jour and imaginary boyfriend... because I think we would have awesome dates by sitting around and spewing out obscure pop-culture references.) ANYWAYS, so my email had "Klosterman" in it. It is set up to automatically spell-check everything I send. This is where the funny part comes.

Apparently, spell-check thinks that when I write about "Klosterman" that I am really actually referring to my good friend, "Lobsterman". Who the hell put "Lobsterman" in my computer dictionary?

Maybe it really is a word. Though I would be inclined to refer to one who harvests lobsters as a "fisherman", or more specifically, "fisherman who fishes for lobsters". But maybe that's just me.



This just in: sometimes the young hip kids on the Cambie bus in the morning wear patchouli and/or eucalyptus oil. Who knew?

PPS: I hate patchouli. My dad wears it. It sort of smells like dirt. But when the hip kids on the Cambie bus wear it, it doesn't smell half bad. Perhaps this has something to do with the visual component. The Cambie bus kid is a way snazzier dresser. Sorry Dad!

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