Saturday, February 18, 2006


We are finally here!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! It's all terribly exciting. I am sitting on the bed in the honeymoon suite... but don't freak out. It's not like anyone is doing it or anything gross like that. EWWWW! I'm not a perv. Shame on you for thinking that, pervy perverson!

ANYWAYS... so we are getting our hair and makeup done. It's all very fancy. What else can I tell you? I am wearing my lulu pants that make my butt look good... but nobody here really notices that. Except Tracy. I think she is staring at my ass right now, actually. That is what happens when you read over my shoulder whilst I am blogging TRACY!

Last night was hilarious. Tracy and I went to walmart and bought bathing suits for us and Steph so we could go in the hottub at the hotel. Think for a second about how hilarious bathing suits from walmart are... and then imagine how they look when you wear them! It was good times. When we were walking downstairs to the pool, tracy didn't have any shoes... so she was wearing heels and a bathing suit. She looked like a Bond Girl! It was awesome.

I gotta go run an errand. More later from wedding fest 2006!

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