Friday, July 06, 2007

Memory *mostly* full (of crap).

When I was little my brother and I used to watch a lot of TV together. It was pretty much the only time we didn't fight. Hence, a good number of my childhood memories are centred around the television. Some of them are pretty funny... and completely random. It makes me wonder why I remember them at all, since they were so weird and insignificant.

1) When I was 3 or 4 I was sick one day and couldn't go to preschool. I was pretty pissed off about having to stay in bed. My mom felt bad, so she brought our teeny tiny little black and white Grenada TV into my room, and we spent the morning watching scrambled up episodes of Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street. I'm pretty sure we got a 21 inch colour TV like 2 days later. I love my mom.

2) When I was 5 my brother and I were watching Magnum PI (I really liked the theme song) when he turned to me and said, "Magnum PI is a gaylord!". I'm pretty sure he didn't know exactly what that meant, because he turned around and started watching again. I wonder what my mom was thinking when I came up to her a few mins later and said, "Jason just called Magnum PI a gaylord! What does that mean?" (I think an appropriate answer would have been "BWAHHAHAHAHAHA!")

3) I loved watching Family Ties and thought that Alex P. Keaton was the coolest dude EVER. I loved him. I wanted to be like him. My hopes were crushed years later when I found out what a Republican was.

4) I used to watch Muchmusic ALLLLLLL day. This is where I discovered reruns of the Monkees! My mother came to regret exposing me to it after I saw the Christmas episode when Davy got knocked off a ladder, clung onto the Christmas tree and sent the whole thing falling over. Why did she regret it? Because I thought it was SO FUNNY that I had to replicate it by standing on the corner of the couch and falling onto the cushions like 70 times a day for years afterwards.

And now you can share the memories with me...

Heh. Nice shorts, gaylord. (Just kidding. I love Tom Selleck.)

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Anonymous said...

Tom Selleck is the man, I loved this show. Later I heard he bought everyone on the cast and crew Rolexes as a thank you. What a guy!