Monday, July 23, 2007

Nerd alert, nerd alert!

If you have known me for any amount of time, you have probably discovered how much of a giant music nerd I am. Every music nerd has this one little particular genre that they are SERIOUSLY nerdy about. Not just "Oh, wow I like this song." but I mean, "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG! I REMEMBER WHEN THEY PLAYED THIS ON TOP OF THE POPS IN 1983!" I'm talking hardcore geekouts, yo.

For me, this genre is New Wave. I just can't get enough of it. (That was a subtle New Wave joke right there. You see? That is how nerdy I am. Are you starting to get it now?) I have this secret filing system in my brain that is able to categorize every New Wave hit I have ever heard. The other day at work a song came on the radio and I spazzed out. I suddenly blurted out, "OHMIGOD SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE!" Maybe you don't think this is weird... but the song came out in 1980, the year before I was born and they were never crazy popular here like Duran Duran or anything. So why the heck would I know that? Because I probably heard it once when I was 2 and I somehow retained that information. That is messed up.

Does anyone have a brain like mine? Does anyone else in my age group know and love Squeeze as much as I do? Cause if you do, I think we need to hang out. I'm tired of using my knowledge to impress the 40+ crowd at work.

Here's the song that sparked the geek out in question. It's so friggin' good.


brie said...

I also love Squeeze...and New Wave is probably my favourite genre too! We should hang out, drink beers and talk about music, obvs.

Before Sean and I started dating, we exchanged mix tapes pretty much weekly. He made me a series of tapes called "New Wave to the Grave". Friggin' awesome.

sarah said...

Gah! That is amazing. I need a mix tape relationship!

As for the beer drinking music fest, it is so on! I hope you won't feel weird when I start talking about when I finally saw Depeche Mode in concert and get really emotional. It was a very intense experience for me.