Saturday, July 07, 2007

So imagine that you walk outside and you are standing in a meadow where there are fat little babies who just learned how to walk playing with puppies, bunnies, kittens, baby pandas and baby ducks. Cute, right? NOT AS CUTE AS THIS VIDEO.

A cute boy with a cute accent, singing a cute song WITH HIS EYES CLOSED while a video of frolicking baby animals plays in the background. It makes me melt.

It also makes me feel kind of pervy because he's only like, 20. But really, can you blame me? His name is Paulo Nutini and he's Scottish! It's such an awesome trick!


Anonymous said...

someone needs to get laid ... i'm just sayin

sarah said...

*eye roll*

Thanks for the insight, stranger. Did you hear back from Mensa yet? KEEP WAITING.

ANYWAYS... it's a cute song, no?

Lydia said...

That first comment doesn't even make sense.