Thursday, July 12, 2007

Robbie Williams... aka King of the Bongo

Okay, so I was looking on Wikipedia for somethingorother and I ended up reading the Lily Allen entry. This is where I happened upon a most fascinating piece of information:

Allen provided backing vocals on the Basement Jaxx song "Lights Go Down" (from Crazy Itch Radio) and appears on tracks on Robbie Williams's latest album, Rudebox as example on the Manu Chao-cover "Bongo Bong And Je ne t'aime plus".

To which I responded with a loud "WHAAAAAAAAAT??????".

I read the sentence out loud to Lydia and she responded with a loud "WHAAAAAAAAT?????".

So I looked it up. And much to my surprise, I actually really liked it! I seriously thought it was going to suck harder than a Dyson (they never lose their suction, you know.) but it's pretty darn good!

There's no official music video for it yet, but you can watch this one for now, just so you can hear the song. Try not to dance around. I dare you!

He's just full of surprises, that one.


Embot said...

Manu Chao is pretty amazing. 'King of the Bongo' is like a 47 minute song that he re-wrote with new lyrics over and over again, to eventually end up with about six albums. At least, that is the impression I have been left with.

brie said...

Erm...I own several Robbie Williams albums. But not this one.

sarah said...

There's no shame in that, Brie! I just thought it was such an odd combination... but it works really well! Who knew?

Lydia said...

I just read an article in the Westender from a columnist who's in Rome, and he mentioned that that song is all over the place there. Just like Gwen was all over the place 2 years ago when I was there.