Friday, July 20, 2007

Take THAT, Hallmark!

Any of you that have ever celebrated a birthday with me around are likely to have been a recipent of one of my awesome homemade greeting cards. I'm pretty sure that the whole reason people have birthdays is so that I can make them awesome cards. However, today the tables have turned! Here are the two homemade e-cards I got this morning at work...

This one is from David "Awesome" Track:

This one gets points for several reasons:

1) It is Harrison goddamn Ford.
2) It is Harrison goddamn Ford in a speedo.
3) This is basically the exact style of card that I make for everyone. I think it's the funniest thing ever.
4) Quote bubbles! Filled with hilarious things that the person obviously did not really say! (You really need to click on the pic to read the speech bubble. So worth it.)

Pretty awesome. Solid work, Tracker.

Then there was this little beauty, created by mixmaster Craig, the web MC:

Okay. There is a lot going on here, which is why it is so AWESOME. Craig really put some thought into this one... let's break down the points:
1) Symmetry between the "Sarah Rocks" and the photo of me throwing up the rock fist.
3) Birthday cake, which I totally love to eat. (How did he know that???)
4) Starbucks coffee. I make Craig go with me to get some pretty much every other morning.
5) The science beaker! I really, really love science. A lot. Maybe a little TOO much.

Plus, Angus made me a card that says "YOU'RE ONE DAY CLOSER TO DYING!!" on the front of it in kindergarden writing, and Amanda gave me a photo snowglobe with a picture of me making the most unflattering and hilarious face ever captured on film.
All in all, it has been an excellent day for creativity. Thanks, kids!


brie said...

Happy Birthday! I think that in honour of your bday you should change your name to "Sleepy de Beef"! Or, since that's taken, how about "Drowsy de Salami"

brie said...

Pardon me, I meant "Sleepy LaBeef". Which kind of screws up my joke about "Drowsy de Salami". Shoot.