Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Total DISS!

So from time to time I take my laundry over to my parents' house because Lydia and I only get 2 days a week to do laundry at our place. I always seem to miss my laundry day during the middle of the week (as does Lydia) which means that there are 2 of us trying to do all of our laundry on Sundays. To avoid a pileup, I just take my stuff out to Surrey since I usually end up visiting on Sundays anyways.

However, this being a long weekend and having had stuff to do on Sunday, I decided to take it out there on Monday instead. Everything was awesome because my mom uses this wicked smelling laundry soap AND she has fabric softener! I was halfway home, driving onto the Knight Street bridge when I gasped out loud in horror... I HAD LEFT ALL OF MY BRAS HANGING UP TO DRY ABOVE THE DRYER IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM... IN SURREY.


Do you even understand how harsh that is? They are all my best bras! Without them I am nothing! I need their support! (I really, really do. All my well provided for sistas know what I'm talking about!) So here I am at work in my sports bra... and feeling weird... but really comfy. My mom said she would totally bring them to me tonight, along with a sweater and my short shorts that I also left behind. That's why my mom is awesome.

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brie said...

I also have a hard time living without my bras---and living with them too. This sunburn is making it really difficult to wear a bra, but my modesty is making it really difficult to not wear one. Ack!