Friday, February 08, 2008

A benevolent dictator.

Yesterday I re-took the "How Evil Are You?" test to see how much MORE evil I have become in the past year. I am 6% more evil! I now rate a solid 80% on the scale of evilness. You know what that means... it means y'all better not eff with my shizz, cause I might have to cut you.

You've been warned in a hip and relevant manner.

Bernie objected to my answer to the following question, calling me a liar. (BTW, lying is EVIL... so even if I was lying, that would just prove my evilness. But I was not lying.)

Q: Which would you prefer: world domination or world peace?
A: World domination, OBVIOUSLY.

Anyone who chooses world peace is an idiot. Why? Because if you choose world peace, you don't get anything out of the deal. I chose world domination because if I were in charge everyone would have to do what I said... so if I felt like it, I could order people to create world peace. DUH. Therefore, I get world peace AND I get to be in charge.

Plus I could make George Clooney be my boyfriend. SO THERE.


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Anonymous said...

You are meaner than 80%... I should know.